Versie 6.0 is een belangrijke release met veel nieuwe functies voor zowel gebruikers als ontwikkelaars.

U kunt hem vinden in de downloadsectie (subdirectory stabiele versies).



Dit zijn de veranderingen van de laatste versie 6.0 ten opzichte van 5.0 (nummer na trefwoord FIX is gerelateerd aan het bug tracker issue nummer):


NEW: Add experimental BlockeLog module (to log business events in a non reversible log file).
NEW: Add a payment module for Stripe. NEW: Add module "Product variant" (like red, blue for the product shoes) NEW: Accountancy - Activate multi-journal & Add journal_label to database (FEC) NEW: Add a tracking id into mass emailing. NEW: Tax system more compatible with the new tax rollout in India (IGST / CGST / SGST). NEW: Add calculation function for Loan schedule NEW: Add "depends on" and "required by" into module informations NEW: Add hidden option THIRDPARTY_INCLUDE_PARENT_IN_LINKTO NEW: Add key __USERID__ and __ENTITYID__ as key for dynamic filters. NEW: Add last activation author and ip of modules NEW: Add mass actions (pdf merge and delete) for interventions NEW: Add module resources import/export NEW: Add option PROJECT_THIRDPARTY_REQUIRED NEW: Add page statistics for project tasks NEW: add property to show warnings when activating modules NEW: add rapport file for supplier paiement NEW: Add statistics on supplier tab. NEW: Add tooltip help on shipment weight and volume calculation NEW: An external module can hook and add mass actions. NEW: Better reponsive design NEW: Bookmarks are into a combo list. NEW: Bulk actions available on supplier orders NEW: Can add a background image on login page NEW: Can change customer from POS NEW: Can clone expense report on another user NEW: Can control constants values into file integrity checker NEW: Can define default values for create forms. NEW: Can define default filters for list pages. NEW: Can define default sort order for list pages. NEW: Can deploy an external module from the module setup area. NEW: Can disable all overwrote translations in one click. NEW: Can edit background color for odd and even lines in tables NEW: Can filter on code in dictionnaries NEW: Can filter on year and product tags on the product statistic page NEW: Can import users NEW: Can read time spent of others (hierarchy only or all if granted) NEW: Can send an email to a user from its card. NEW: Can send email to multiple destinaries from the mailform combo list. NEW: Can set margins of PDFs NEW: Can set number of dump to keep with job "local database backup" NEW: Can sort customer balance summary on date. NEW: Can sort thumbs visible on product card. NEW: Can use a credit note into a "down payment/deposit". NEW: Can use dol_fiche_end without showing bottom border. NEW: Can use translations into all substitutions (watermark, freetext...) NEW: Change to allow a specific numbering rule for invoice with POS module. NEW: convert exceiss received to reduc NEW: custom dir is enabled dy default on first install. NEW: Description of feature of a module visible into a dedicated popup. NEW: Direct open of card after a search if one record only found. NEW: download button NEW: Enable bulk actions delete on supplier invoices. NEW: Extrafields support formulas to be computed using PHP expressions. NEW: Feature to crop/resize images available on user and expense reports. NEW: Filechecker can include custom dir and report added files. NEW: fix listview class and add a demo for product list NEW: [FP17] Accountancy - Add select field in list of accounts NEW: get amount base on hourly rate for ficheinter NEW: hidden Easter egg to display commitstrip strip on login page NEW: Include an hourglass icon when we click on online payment button NEW: Index upload files into database. NEW: Introduce mass action on product list ('delete' for the moment) NEW: Introduce mass actions on contacts NEW: Introduce option MAIN_HTTP_CONTENT_SECURITY_POLICY NEW: It's easier to switch between sandbox and live for paypal NEW: Mass action delete available on project and tasks NEW: Move login information on home page into a widget NEW: new demo entry page NEW: No external check of version without explicit click in about page. NEW: ODT docs for USER USERGROUP CONTRACT and PRODUCT class NEW: odt usergroup NEW: On invoices generated by template, we save if invoice come from a source template. NEW: option to copy into attachement files of events, files send by mail (with auto event creation) NEW: PDF with numbertoword NEW: Permit multiple file upload in linked documents NEW: PHP 7.1 compatibility NEW: Reduce memory usage by removing deprecated constant loading. NEW: Report page and menu for suppliers paiements NEW: Show by default file found into root dir of ext module. NEW: Show company into combo list of projects NEW: show files in the bank statement + download NEW: Show local taxes in facture list NEW: Show local taxes in supplier facture list NEW: Small PDF template for products NEW: Option SUPPLIER_ORDER_EDIT_BUYINGPRICE_DURING_RECEIPT NEW: The substitution keys available for emailing edition are now visible into a popup. NEW: Uniformize behaviour: Action to make order is an action button. NEW: Use autocompletion on the "Add widget list". NEW: Use html5 type "number" on select field for year and duration. NEW: Can use pdktk to concat mass pdf because tcpdf generate avoid to split large file into multiple smaller file (all have same size) encounter issue with mailer provider virtual delivery service NEW: Default theme of v6 is cleaner. NEW: When down payment is entered, discount to reuse into final invoice is automatically created. This save one click into invoice workflow. NEW: Add UI to configure MEMBER_NEWFORM_FORCETYPE NEW: #2763 Go to document block after clicking in Generate document button NEW: #6280: Generate PDF after creating an invoice from a customer order NEW: #6915 Simplest change. NEW: Uniformize the look and feel with v6 new look. For developers: NEW: Add a lot of API REST: dictionaryevents, memberstypes, ... NEW: Big refactorization of multicompany transverse mode. NEW: getEntity function use true $shared value by default. NEW: Add font-awesome css. NEW: Add function ajax_autoselect NEW: Add function dolMd2Html NEW: Add hook doUpgrade2 NEW: Add hook "formatNotificationMessage" NEW: Add index and constraints keys on supplier proposal detail table NEW: Add phpunit to check the engine is defined into sql create files. NEW: Add project and Hook to Loan NEW: Add REST API to push a file. NEW: Allow extrafields list select to be dependands on other standard list and not only other extrafields list NEW: Architecture to manage search criteria persistance (using save_lastsearch_values=1 on exit links and restore_lastsearch_values=1 in entry links) NEW: data files are now also parsed by phpunit for sql syntax NEW: Hook to allow inserting custom product head #6001 NEW: Introduce fields that can be computed during export in export profiles. NEW: Introduce function dol_compress_dir NEW: Removed commande_pdf_create, contract_pdf_create,expedition_pdf_create, facture_pdf_create, delivery_order_pdf_create, task_pdf_create, project_pdf_create, propale_pdf_create, supplier_invoice_pdf_create, supplier_order_pdf_create, supplier_proposal_pdf_create deprecated functions NEW: tooltip can be on hover or on click with textwithpicto function. NEW: Upgrade jquery to 3.3.1 and jquery-ui to 1.12 WARNING: Following changes may create regression for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better: * The hook getNodeList has been replaced by a normalized 'addreplace' hook getDirList. * The trigger USER_SETINGROUP and USER_REMOVEFROMGROUP has been replaced with trigger USER_MODIFY. * The page societe/soc.php was renamed into societe/card.php to match page naming conventions. * The page compta/facture.php was renamed into compta/facture/card.php to match page naming conventions. * The signature of method ->delete() of class Product and PriceExpression was changed from ->delete(id, notrigger) to ->delete(User, notrigger) to match standard dev rules. * The signature of method ->delete() of class Adherent was changed from ->delete(id) to ->delete(id, User, notrigger) to match standard dev rules. * Removed CommonObject::displayMarginInfos (was deprecated in 3.8). Use same method into html.formmargin.class.php * Removed Societe::set_commnucation_level (was deprecated in 4.0). Was not used. * Removed the trigger file of PAYPAL module that stored data that was not used by Dolibarr. The trigger event still exists, but if an external module need action on it, it must provides itself its trigger file. * Use $conf->global->MULTICOMPANY_TRANSVERSE_MODE instead $conf->multicompany->transverse_mode. So, if you set var $multicompany_transverse_mode to 1 into your conf file, you must remove this line and a new key into the Home - setup - other admin page. * Use getEntity('xxx') instead getEntity('xxx', 1) and use getEntity('xxx', 0) instead getEntity('xxx') * Some other change were done in the way we read permission of a user when module multicompany is enabled. You can retreive the old behavior by adding constant MULTICOMPANY_BACKWARD_COMPATIBILITY to 1. * The hook formObjectOptions was not implemented correctly in previous version. Sometimes, you had to return output content by doing a print into function, sometimes by returning content into "resprint". This has been fixed to follow hook specifications so you must return output into "resprint".