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Onderwerp: Dolibarr 3.6.2

Dolibarr 3.6.2 5 jaren 2 maanden geleden #55622

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Wijzigingen en fixes in Dolibarr 3.6.2

Fix: fix ErrorBadValueForParamNotAString error message in price customer multiprice.
Fix: bug 1588 : relative discount.
Fix: label of input method not translated.
Fix: box of customer and propsects were not correctly disabled.
Fix: [ bug #1618 ] PHP Error thrown when saving a barcode
Fix: Civility & birthdate wasn't save into adherent module.
Fix: webservice Thirdparty parameter lastname for invidual creation is now lastname and not ref
Fix: Chars - is no more allowed into value for code for extra fields.
Fix: [ bug #1622 ] Requesting holiday than spans across two years cause high CPU usage by Apache
Fix: [ bug #1595 ] Selected boolean extrafield in intervention creation page, does not save state
Fix: Show sender Country on PDF docs when sender Country <> receiver Country
Fix: [ bug #1624 ] Use lowest buying price for margin when selling with POS
Fix: [ bug #1749 ] Undefined $mailchimp
Fix: [ bug #1649 ] Cancel button of several thirdparty actions, does the same thing as modify
Fix: [ bug #1736 ] Failing supplier Elephant numeration module with some masks
Fix: [ bug #1731 ] Can't use quick navigation on project tasks secondary tabs
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